Our Partner

We partner exclusively with TC Bauer Company, a small and honest business based in Chicago, IL that provides products that we are proud to feature. TC Bauer Company is composed of several health foods components, which we outline below. TCBauerCo.com

This means all of our products are certified organic, fairtrade, vegetarian, and produced using clean and moral practices. We designed our business in a way that takes the guilt out of buying delicious and great-feeling products.

Feel good about the products you consume.


eSutras Organics offers specialty health foods, culinary ingredients, medicinal herbs, spices, and all natural Beauty & Wellness products in wholesale and retail sizes. eSutras.com

Cocoa Cravings produces organic hot cocoa mixes that stand out for being distinctive, high-quality and are made with exclusively pure ingredients. CocoaCravings.com

Aroma Sutras offers authentic aromatherapy and Ayurveda inspired beauty, skin care, spa, wellness and botanical products made without cruelty or toxic ingredients. AromaSutras.com

Keep us honest. If you have questions or comments regarding our product sourcing, please let us know and we'll do our best to correct any issues.